Fayvun Manning

“WHY WE ACT THE WAY WE DO” by Fayvun Manning-Bey

I believe that when we act out, we are really reacting out our thought that is then manifested on this plane of things made manifest. Which can also mean that what we been through in our past, our built foundation from the way we were raised.
I actually react out good action as much as possible because my past has given me the ability to become intune with the higher planes of life right here on this earthly plane. I react the way I do because I have conditioned myself to react in that way, I have cut away the knotty useless parts of my lower-thought abd have replaced them with higher-thoughts of love, truth, of peace, of freedom, and od justice, law governs all events.
Most of humanity is forced into what their next move will be when the rest of us choose, but to choose, you have to be aware of your environment and of yourself, that is why it is important to know thyself first. Man and Woman is not the body nor the soul, but a SPIRIT and a part of GOD and once you come unto the understanding of that said, all of life will be filled with joy and peace. Stay true to yourself and keep puirty in front of love.
I am just your brother #ffmb

Fayvun Manning #68174
EDCF P.O. Box 311
El Dorado, Kansas 67042
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