Nathaniel Hill

Thoughts In My Head by Nathaniel Hill

As I grow in knowledge and practicing what I learn. I sit back at time and wonder, what would it be like to be able to have these thoughts in actions in the freeworld. Thoughts like, being able to share my past footsteps and to ward off those that are following those steps ignorantly. To be able to share the true belief and practice of Islam to those don’t know and those that have been taught wrongly. To be able to share this knowledge with my two boys. To be able show others that marriage is the best decision, and should be taken seriously. To be able to show that not every man looks down on women, or see them as sex objects, but as partners in whatever the situation. To be able travel the world and learn from wise men and women that have practiced Islam whole heartedly. To be able to build businesses that has a Islamic setting, where it keeps women from being sexually harrassed by men that have no respect, or don’t see women as equals with values. To be able to help the needy children that has little or nothing, and giving them hope for a better future. To be able to help gang members realize that we are all the human and a color doesn’t separate one from the same fate, the same struggles, or the same joys that comes with this life. To be able to realize that life is short no matter the help of trying to look young, so we should focus on trying to enjoy this life in safe and healthy ways. To be able to help the man or woman to see that it is stupid to hate another for the color of their skin. To be able to show that ex-convicts, can be trustworthy. To be able to have support systems for muslims coming out of prison. To be able to create tests that show if the convict is truly ready for the outside world, and it would start in the prison setting. To be able to help the victims to see the glass half full and understand the wisdom behind hurt situations, and the reality check that The Creator has control on how things turn and shape in each ones life. Some live heavy lifes, while others live light lifes with little hardship. The goal is to find the wisdom of losing a life, being sexually abuse, being homeless, facing racism, the list can go on and on. It may seem strange at first, but when the veil is lifted, the light comes on. It is strange that one has to murder, or rape, or steal, to understand that freedom is special, that life is special and short, that sex is valuable and is meant to be between two trustworthy partners, and that one’s property should be respected, and if one wants the same, he or she should work for it, These are just a few of my thoughts.

Nathaniel Hill

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