Kevin D. Smith

???????? By Kevin Smith

I’ve been sitting here all day wondering what to write and I can’t come up with much. Hell I don’t even know who’s reading these or what they want to read about. I’m in prison what could anyone want to know about this place. I was raised in North Carolina in a poor neighborhood I have a really good mother. I was raised around gangs and drugs. I thought it was cool to live that way and now I know different. I sit around all day watching T.V. and playing cards IDOC doesn’t really offer much for education (GED) But I already have that. So Its Pretty boring I’m sitting here watching Undercover High on A and E and waiting on Street Outlaws to come on. I don’t have visits right now my Mom is gone to North Carolina for my little sisters wedding. I guess I could just keep rambling on. I guess I write on here because it gets lonely in here and I’m looking for something I don’t know what yet. But I sit and think why would someone want to talk to me? I’m in prison. I’ve done a lot of dumb shit in my life nothing bad just dumb. well I’m going to go for now and some watch T.V.
Your Friend In The Wind.

Kevin Smith
DOC #113684


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