BUY, SELL, HOLD by Stephen Newman

Stocks keep climbing higher, but I believe there is still good money to be made in 2018! Here are the moves I made this week:

-Mueller Water
-Casey’s General Store

STOP LOSS ORDERS: (These will sell if the stocks drop to the price listed or below):
-Las Vegas Sands $66
-Live Nation $41
-Game Stop $17

-Fuller and Thaler Behavioral Finance Small-Cap Equity Fund

-Alphabet (Google)
-Bed, Bath, and Beyond (Please get bought out!!)
-INDA (an ETF of retail businesses in India)
-Barrons 400 ETF
-Dick’s Sporting Goods


I bought Weight Watchers at $8.50, sold it for $22 after Oprah bought part of the company in 2016). Today, the stock is around $60. I was too quick to sell, wanting to lock in my profits prematurely. 😦

I bought Bed Bath and Beyond in January, 2017, for $39.74. A year later, it has dropped to $22.82. But I can’t sell it. I’ve come this far, I need to ride the wave out to the end. Yes, this is a stupid strategy, but I am keeping the faith. I’m certain good things will happen with this stock, but I continue to be disappointed.


-I bought National Beverage (makers of La Croix Water) in January, 2017, for $47. Sold it in June, 2017, for $89. 🙂

-I bought Hertz Rental Car in May, 2016, for $9.45. Less than 8 months later, it is at $24.60. 🙂

In a few days (1/22/18) Barron’s comes out with their Roundtable Issue. Here’s a great tip: Buy everything that Mario Gabelli recommends. Hold it for a year, then sell. He is a stock-picking genius. And another tip — stay away from bitcoin.

Note: When you buy or sell stocks, it’s always a risk. You might make money, you might lose money. There are no guarantees.

Stephen Newman
DOC #90843


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