Tommy J. Stofanik

Stressed by Tommy Stofanik

I am married with two boys… Me and my wife are seperated (Since she chooses to see other people while i’m serving time) but seems to…. idk what i would call it…. she rubs the relationships in my face.. why?? to hurt me? to see if i care?? says that its because of the distance we have and the fact im not there.. when i asked her if it would be different if i was in the millitary she replys yes.. how can that be when the circumstances would be the same just different locationing??
There is something i have come to terms with and it is this… that she was never there for me to begin with… this causes major emotional problems expecialy when she continues to switch up her story. pulling me in and then pushing away.
For anyone who has someone who is gone or is going away for a long period of time make a decision befor it happens. that either your there or not there never is “just happends” its one or the other and stick with it.

Tommy j. Stofanik
DOC #0114450

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