Gerald Okarski

life in prison by Gerald Okarski

hello everyone,

today is my first blog so I’m excited there so many things to talk about but first off let’s start with life in prison

of course we’ve got people on the streets who think all us inmates have it easy in here and that’s not so we get paid a max of 42 cents an hour for 7 hours a day in a class 3 job and you can’t make more then 55$ a month and you can only work for 2 years in any class three job the most you can make is 1.70 an hour for 7 hours a day in a class 2 and you can only work 7 years in a class two job so tell me how we’ve got it easy and do you know how hard it is to get a job a lot of people can’t because they’ve got this system which sucks because if you get to prison and your a low threat level then your fucked for a job you’ve got to be a high need so everyone who stays out of trouble you get punished if you get in trouble you get rewarded which makes no sense they say there’s more but I’ll tell you what they say when they tell me
yes we’ve got cable but we have to pay for it 50 cents a month even if you don’t have a job they debt you so as you wait for a job they make sure you’ll owe them even if you don’t rent a TV, own a TV or watch one they still take from us on top of it our store aka commissary has many different options but the prices are outrages there are some OK stuff that are decently priced but its still wild
our housing is small we have a two beds when the cell is made for one so the put bunk beds in the cell they’ve also converted the big houses into a three bed cell because there over crowding prisons they’re trying to get more money from the government its bullshit there not releasing people on there (E.R.D.) earned release date there keeping them longer there playing games with us because no one will stand up and help us we get walked all over the government keeps putting people in prison with out thinking what its doing to the community out there
a lot of people come in here with innocents who made a mistake and come out worse then when they went in people don’t understand the politics we’ve got in here this is the perfect place to recruit young minds for the gangs yet they don’t care what happened to the second chance program or the choice between prison or military I mean come on
me I was a navy kid loved it I screwed up but things happen and now I’ve got to fight for myself to get out and not become a monster like all these people who give up but this Is not a blog about me this is about prison and the myth that we have it easy
the food taste like shit litterly lol some food is good but its all processed its made in a prison factory by the way did you know the slaves get paid more then we do so for all you guys who think prison is easy or that its cool please think again we’ve had to fight for (P.R.E.A.) prison rape elimination act because for years inmates who were weak, a sex offender, not in the in crowd or was just (L.G.B.T.) lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender we were forced in selling our body’s for money, store or even protection I’m one of those inmates and I know many other people who were in the same boat or have the same story but this will be in my next blog
thank you all for reading and writing me it helps me to see there’s still people who care that are still human with feelings I would love to hear from everyone and your story’s so come find me

yours truly
Gerald aka jeri 🙂 🙂

Gerald Okarski
DOC #325607


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