Kody Osco

( lascivious sleep,) by KODY OSCO

I tossed and turned all night restletlessly.. finally I fell a sleep only my dreams were riddled with all sorts of lust and desire on levels I’ve not felt in a while. I wonder if these things ever get easier, is it normal to have an excessive focus on sex.. ?? since my new friend S’J caught me up on the term blog now I’m feeling a little bit better about it, and I’m getting past my shyness.. I woke up with a kick stand, hurting, throbbing, and I had the craziest of dreams i’m not to sure how to blog. it? or if there is any limit on what we can blog, I do want to write short stories, I wish I would find someone reading these that wants to chat on a level, I have lots of tools in my tool box I need to Sharpen my skills , I feel better knowing at least one person is reason my blogs and following them, bare with me, I’m learning as I go it takes lots of roll play to get rehabilitation.. maybe if I blog about the issue it will ease up , not sure , ??????? this one. nurse here drives me bonkers she’s older to but fine as they come on a koolaid scale she’s peach mango with a twist of tang!!!! MMMMMMMMM I SURE WOULD DRINK THAT CUP UUUUPP!!! hihihihi. I get so worked up prison does that to one. the simple little things any woman you run across does can impact you in ways you didn’t see comming, lot of the co woman be playing this card to its a hard grind they be enticing you, then your all worked up and their playing the game its down right hellish.. but one will play any game after five long years these woman co’s know this.. well it’s about breakfast and shower time. but hit me back, I’ve always go an extra hour to type even if you need someone to lean on , know you can cry on my tablet. via, jpay.com

DOC #640807

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