Tremayne Reed

(The education of kid’s and young adults in America) By: Tremayne Reed

First and foremost I would like to thank you the viewers for reading my posts when given an opportunity to do so. Hopefully my message doesn’t get taken out of context because we all know context is very important. Now I know it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted anything, and it will probably be like that a wile longer. I’ve been on my legal work trying to get back in and back out, so I’m able to be back in my son’s life. But I will post things from time to time, just to get some thoughts and perspectives out there in the world.
So, I’ve been watching this show about a few young adults in their early 20’s, posing as highschool students in one set highschool. This social experiment touches on a wide range of topics and shed’s light on what highschool students in this day in age are going through. I’m pretty sure every generation goes through the same issues, it’s just that social media has taken the highschool experience to a whole new level. But going back to this one particular school, it was like the majority of students were always on their phones and not too concerned about learning? But then again, when the show was edited, it could’ve been exaggerated? Now I’m not saying it’s all an exaggeration but, sometimes things can get stretched further than needed to be just to push a specific narrative to the public. The one thing I do know is that, more is needed to be done on helping educate all youth in this country instead of a select demographic, and curbing the industrialization of prisons. I would love to speak more on this issue but unfortunately my time on here is about to expire.

Tremayne Reed
DOC #829485


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