Is our System giving full Disclosure, by Ronald Johnson

Is our syatem what we think it is? Or do we beleive it is the System because someone told us so? Have we been investagating what the so called Public Officals tells us? Or are we all being indoctorated with Fear Moungering? Well to keep this simple why do our so called Courts of Law have IBN # as Banks do? Why do the judge ask you the few questions they do once you enter. Do you realize that No Full Disclosure is given at all?Do you understand And Inmate/Offerder is and Employee of any such Color Of Law Institution? We are Employees commonly refered to as inmates or offenders, if you do not believe this Investagate for yourselves !!!!! Now at Law one is always able to pay for wrongs committed, that don’t mean it should not be prisons it is just time to take them back from the NGO in the Business of doing Government work, but they are not the Government !! Such as THe State Of Kansas isn’t the Actual State it is an NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION !!!!!!(NGO) We all must come together and fight against the Greed of the greedy ones, we must fight to restore our Systems and Our Country as Thr Framers of The Constitution intended. Things are out of hand, the masses are Sleep and Scared From All the Fear being Pumped into them like the poluted waters being pumped into the homes in Michgan. However with the Internet and with People willing to Learn and Educate Themselves We are All Waking Up, However we must do so Constructively in order to make a Difference!!! Please feel free to Contact me: WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!

Ronald Johnson EDCF-C P.O.BOX 311 #79020 El Dorado, Kansas 67042

Ronald Johnson
DOC #79020

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