Furnell Brown

Introducing Furnell Brown

Name:Furnell Brown #394357
Intake date:1\2015 Release date:12\2019

About me: Greeting! My name is Furnell but everyone calls me Stuff. I’m from New Orleans. I’m a professional truck driver and have been since 1999(my heart pumps diesel not blood). I’m a proud father and grandfather who enjoys reading and writting short stories. I’m a God fearing man of integrity and good charcter. I’m currently working on my Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Ashland University(online classes) with a 3.5 GPA. I’m funny and friendly, openminded and optimistic, handsome yet humble ;-). I listen to mostly all types of music with a new found intrest for Country. I also enjoy working out, and cooking. Family Guy and World News is must see TV. I hope you enjoy my writting, I invite your responce!

My contact info:
Furnell Brown #394357
R.L.C.C. C3-A2
1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport, Louisiana 71327
or send and email @JPay.com

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