Chivas Taylor

(get to know me befor you judge me) by Chivas Taylor

every day i get judge for my past situation and its stressful because i know deep down inside,im not that tpye of person that society make me out to be.i been throught alot in life and got caught up in some fuckup situations that some people probably dont understand and just look at it one way.but its always two sides to a story.they say dont judge a book by its cover,you have to open it and really ready it youself befor judge my character.wrong is wrong and right is right,i get that.but im innocent to these crimes they put on me.nobody is perfect in life,and some may not believe my testimony that im giving to the world,but its real shit that i speak on and if it wasnt the truth,then i wouldnt waste my time nor waste whoever taking there time to read i ask that you dont judge me if you dont know me.get to know me befor you assume the worst of me.suzie jennings gave me the this plat form to voice my opinion,so thats what im doing,taking advantage of this situation and letting my voice be heard.because in the courts it show wouldnt heard.doing ten years because i was lied to,then came to court and lied on me,two lies in one S.M.H the jacket they put on me dont fit

chivas taylor
DOC #99284

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