The Strength Of A Woman By: Toney R Williams

I can’t fully express my appreciation for the women of this world. Women have been the backbone of civilization, this is especially true in a nation such as these “great” United States Of America. When men go to war, there are strong women supporting them, waiting eagerly for him to return. our mothers,sisters,wives, etc. Keeping things from falling apart in our absence.

What brings me to this subject, having been a part of this prison culture for the last six years, I have to give a kudos to the women who are supporting incarcerated men.I would imagine that It takes an amazing amount of strength for these women to remain by our sides through this tumultuous time. The support is unwavering. The women in our lives, for those of us who are lucky enough to have them, are the ones that get us through. We draw our strength from them, the natural compassion that our women have, that innate desire and skill to nurture are what brings balance into the lives of men in prison. Emotional support, moral support, and God knows the financial support are essential to us making it through our sentences with our sanity.

Our women make it happen, no matter what they are going through, they typically find a way to make sure we have what we need. I recently heard someone mention how the visiting rooms at men’s prisons are packed with women coming to see them but the visiting rooms at women’s institutions are virtually devoid of any male visitors. These women oftentimes even go as far as marrying us while we are in here, what else do we need to see from them? I’ve seen women marry men who will never come home, if that isn’t sacrifice, then what is?

I say all of this to say, To all the women of the world, the women that are waiting on fathers, sons,brothers, nephews, uncles, boyfriends, husbands to come home, you are all Queens and I hope none of your waiting and none of your support will go unnoticed or be in vain. To the men with women waiting for them or supporting them, I pose this question how will we repay them, how will we show our gratitude? For those of us with release dates, can we please not ever make them go through this again?

Thanks for reading!

Toney Williams
DOC #362721

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  1. This is beautiful to even know that there’s at least one man in the world that feels this way about us feels good damn good thank you very much Mr Toney Williams you deserve a good woman hope she appreciate you as much as you would appreciate her may God give you his blessing


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