William Williams

Introducing William Williams

Name:Bill-Bill D.O.B 11-2-87
Intake date:2015 Release date:2089
Contact info : William Williams 714738
W.C.I P.O.Box120 Lebanon Ohio 452036

Wats good with the world ,me physically locked up mentally focused and free.Being locked up theres not much to do so i use my time wisely . I try to build with others mentally and focus on getting out . As of now i got alot of time ,by the grace of God i’ll be out sooner than later . I’m currently working on my case trying to make it out of this modern day slavery.15 words that define me: ambitous, genuine,affectionate,honest,mindful,attentive, outgoing,loyal,humble,real,divined,real,truthful,loving,and stability. I like to read ,write(hood novels poetry and words of wisdom)and workout.

William Williams
DOC # 714738

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