Toney Williams

Introducing Toney Williams

Hey What’s going on

My name is Toney Williams most people just call me Tone. I am 27 years old and I’ve been incarcerated since march of 2012. currently my release date is around September of 2026 but I am hoping for an early release.
I grew up in Detroit/Flint Michigan, I am incarcerated in Washington state, which of course is a long way from home. I come from the typical impoverished urban community so my struggles were common of a young man growing up in such areas.
I am a father of three beautiful children. I am a firm believer in family and friendship, family and friends are who I draw my strength from.
I served in the United States Army, I was still in the Army upon coming to prison. Serving had always been a dream of mine. I am an avid reader, I love learning new things. Hopefully I can initiate interesting and thought provoking dialogue through this blog and if you are reading this I truly appreciate your time and attention.

contact information:
Toney Williams #362721
Stafford Creek Corrections Center
191 Constantine way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

I can also be contacted on by creating an account and finding me using my name and DOC number! This would be the preferred and most convenient means of contacting me.


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