Tommy J. Stofanik

Introducing Tommy J. Stofanik

My name is Tommy & I am currently incarcerated in Kansas state prison. I am origanly from Arizona with 2 boys who are my main priority. I am a Taurus & concider myself to be an easy going guy. I’m told im also an approachable person and easy to talk to.
I pass most of my time drawing for my kids but when im not I spend alot of time doing Physical training or im reading something that keeps my mind on top of its game.
I am using this blogger to let people get an idea of how the life here in prison works (neg. or pos.) if you have any questions about me or what I have to say your more then welcome to contact me for further information.

age: 26
Intake: 9-28-2016
Release: 9-23-2021

Contact info:
Tommy J. Stofanik #0114450
P.O. Box 311
El Dorado, KS 67042

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  1. Hello young man I think your an amazing father and I pray for your safe return home with those boys!!
    You are very loved and very missed!!


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