Raymond Harris

Introducing Raymond Harris

Hi Blogging World!
My name is, Ray Harris. I’m 40 plus y/o. And, have been serving time in Washington D.O.C. since, the early 2000’s. And, I have 25-26 months left on, a wrongful conviction. Which, I’ve been fighting for over a decade and, a half. Yet, I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself with, complaints… I feel that, we must learn to take the good with, the bad. And, start to realize that sometimes, God puts us in a place where we can finally hear, HIM… So, for many men and women, thanking God for another opportunity to start over is, an honor. (We could have been headed for, total destruction. And, never even realized, it.)
Being completely honest with, everyone… I use to be a male escort/ model. And, I lived a very dangerous, life. And, never pondered on the consequences of, my actions. (I was very, selfish! And, everything was about, making money the way that I, did.) But now, my life consist of helping others and, trying to be the best MAN that I can, be.
started writing my first book. And, I hope to get feed back from, You. And, I hope to become friends (possibly) with, many of You… So, I thank You for Your Time and Consideration of, blogging… God Bless and, Stay Strong out, there.

A New Found Friend,
Raymond Harris #770199
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way, H1-B-50L
Aberdeen, Wa. 98520


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