Kevin D. Smith

Ready to have fun. By Kevin Smith

I’m so ready to have fun and releave stress. This place will make you have a stroke. Its so fucking boring in here. I’m like an old man I wake up drink coffee then after lunch I play pinochle with my friends.I’m going to overload when I get out I just need to have fun with people that are not getting high. I’m ready to be free. People in here are to serious “Tough Guys” Gangsta wanna be’s” I’m so over it. Life’s too $hort I’m ready to live it and have fun. I don’t wanna ever play cards again unless I’m at a casino! I’m from the city I’ve never really been camping I think that would be cool. I like the outdoors. will I’m going to sit here and daydream.
Your Friend In The Wind

Kevin Smith
DOC #113684

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