Dewayne Overton

Introducing Dewayne Overton

My name is Dewayne Overton #104565
ive been in prison since feb. 18th 2012
my release date is april 2nd 2023
contact info is EDCF, PO Box 311, El Dorado, kansas 67042

Im a cool person, the ambitious type who got caught with the wrong crowd. I’m pasionate about business and investing so I read and study on the topic daily. Im here looking to better myself and stop the cycle of mass incarceration, however I know in order to do that I must first change my own ways and the thought paterns that got me here

love by: Dewayne Overton
love is something that im intrested in but never had the chance to explore. I’m willing to put myself out there in search for it, they say it’s better to love and have lost then to never have loved at all, so it’s something that i’d like to experience it atleast once in a life time…

Dewayne Overton
DOC #104565

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