Tremayne Reed

(Thoughts of my son) By: Tremayne Reed

So as I do what I normally do on the weekend’s, I’ve always had this thought in the back of my mind. I wonder what my son is doing, and how’s teenage life going for him? I’m pretty sure that he’s just going through the motions and living life but, has me not physically being there with him, permanently damaged our relationship? It’s been months since we’ve verbally talked, and even longer since I’ve physically seen him. I guess that is what’s to be expected when a teen’s father has been absent all but two years of his life? I reach out periodically with calls and written letters, but of course they go unanswered. And It doesn’t help much when the other parent refuses to equally put in the effort to help facilitate I would think to be one of the most important relationships he ought to have in his life! Does that make me a selfish person for wanting a father son relationship? Hopefully one day I’m able to get the opportunity to have that relationship? I love me son, and regardless the situation I’ll always be here for him.

Tremayne Reed
DOC #829485

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