Demetrius Patterson

part 1 by Demetrius Patterson

To really know someone you have to know where they have been, the present, and what they plan for their future. We live to figure what our purpose is in life. In my case it has been a struggle, i took the bitter with the sweet. I had the wrong belief system, the wrong type of faith, an hung around the wrong crowd. The limit’s i put on self, when in life there is no limit to what you can do, true story. People talk about things they never lived, I talk about what i lived and how i’m living. I chose the streets at an early age. I am an ex- gang banger. If you don’t know it is a difference between a gang banger and a gang member. A gang banger is someone who is ignorant and thrive off of violence, a gang member is someone who rep a gang but ain’t active, no violence. I’ve been shot a few times. I had a father figure, my big brother, he was in the streets as well. I started going to the youth residence home (YRH) at the age of 14 getting caught with guns. I had got use to doing time. Part 2 will becoming soon

Demetrius Patterson
DOC #77608

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