Steve Anderson


What else weight’s you down?*

Do you really know U?*

Are your ways approachable to changes?*

Is it the other person that hold’s the power within your word’s
and actions?*

That’s within your heart..

Treating you as a yo yo toy, no respect given, their way or as
the old heads would say hit the highway..

This is what takes place when you don’t capture the
power that God has invested within your heart..

Your self worth, integrity, personality, being humble, being
steadfast, when it comes to self-respect if you have it, its
given freely, you have different level’s of life tool’s that’ll
assist you to win..

Motivating you with, self-respect, enthusiasm and many
other self surviving tool’s, that makes you a stewerdest of
the earth which is apart of God’s plan..

To be successful within is you doing your part, doing your
part is to be all you can be within yourself and in the world..

*You have two eye’s one nose and two ear’s reasons being, is
for you to give (freely) to receiving and giving understanding..

An open mind to truth, understanding, your eye’s will give you direction
as long as you are focused to what needs to be accomplished..

When it comes to listening, as I have stated in my pass blog’s,
(if your waiting to talk your not listing), out of respect for
yourself and the person that’s speaking)..

[Hold your tongue until their through speaking, and then respond in a calm manner]..

Conversation makes the world go around, money just buys one’s likings..

Doubt eat’s away at your enthusiasm as does unfriendliness also haughtiness disrespect, hurting other’s by speaking with acaustic tongue, showing constant dissatisfaction and many of these qualitie’s are product’s of the enemies of enthusiasm..

What are these block’s?*

Where did they come from?*

There are so many contribution’s that cause’s a person to be contracted in bandaged having limited ideal’s stops success..

Because of these bondages a person lives in a finite world of appearance’s where everything is perishable, to be imperishable and therefore you constantly experience some kind of sorrow, use it as a learning tool..

As the song goes, bad is bad but cools the rule, you have
trophy memories within your heart, that on point and delivers smiles within the heart, joyful laughter, to remember is keeping them alive..

Don’t let conditions fool you, many people do not love the truth
but being in love with the truth brings you growth..

My thoughts are that many people understand the world by their judgement on appearance on the effect only, without understanding the cause, on that
note everything ain’t about money people are more important..

The conditions keeps a person revolving in his or her’s own self created
world of delusions..

When the three knots are finally undone they help you to have
divine experience’s the very obstacles that held you back are now transmitted into revealing the true essence of the provisory of yourself…

People I encourage you to start this process, and not to be persuaded
by anyone else’s thought’s or comment’s about what you should do or
how you choose to speak, or dress..

But do so in the fashion were it’s inticing to other people, and their
attractions are in your qualities characteristics, charisma, personality charm, and work skills..

Having people yearning to add and receive the goodness of the growth
and knowledgeable’s that can be given and received can be seen when
one really have honest faith..

Just as you would always up hold the law’s of contributing to

I’ll always do what I can, due to the fact it’s a blessing to
be able to do, it’s the sharing of a smile, kind word’s, even
opening or holding a door open for someone unknown to you..

The sharing of understanding and sound knowledgeable’s, this list is large and goes on to the top of the highest of the high’s, not one time,
but onto infinity it’ll always be more ending less knowledgeable’s… THE END…


DOC #288318

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