Steve Anderson

WIGS ON PIG’S, AND GIRDLES ON TUTLES] Part 1….by Steve Anderson

The command ground of this title is of the same
problem’s many of us have adopted into our lives..

“The unness” (meaning: stuff, thing’s that hold no real
joy, a uselessness over time, that become’s a waste
of two cash and time no return’s on either)..

Speaking about the additive’s that’s not a need
to or for a persons life..

The “unness” are not considered to be high-minded to
one’s true liking’s, so yes it’s a part time satisfactory..
It’s not something that will bring you change within yourselves or a higher level of self-esteem, materiel object will not delivere true satisfaction over

Now a person is showing off, got bragging
right’s just by buying something someone else
encouraged you to get, got to love it around the
way news goes everywhere..

Even the television got many peoples hooked on
movie’s, news, sports, and much more..

To have thing’s that is not needed, or you just
used once, should be looked at as a waste of
money and time..

And one of the badest thing is the “unness” is
tucked somewhere in a box, closet, or on a shelf..

People the “unness does not bring
satisfaction, gratification, or a fulfillment
that touches your heart and soul, oh what do
you get, NOTHING over time..

O” my fault I thought I told you, bragging right’s
ain’t shit to the people that have thoughts that
turn into accomplishments..

To Proceed :
Everything that is artificial in a person is gradually pushed to the side to never being used again, many even use the language of the
oldheads, not to be used but happily replaced with the anew.

Most of us break free from all the baggage of the false beliefs
and action’s that we implanted into our lives without sound knowledge.

Many time’s we come to find out that the words and actoin’s
we been living by holds no truth.

A person does not honesty receive the joy or satisfaction that was wished
up on based on a thought, or ideal’s from another person, or it be
the deadliest disease called self in flicked retardation, all given by [YOU].

When in truth it could of been the words from another person
that motivated you into action, or something you seen.

Many of these things I speak on has bond us for a short or
long period’s of time, not really being mindful to the damage, or
the time being wasted, and subtracted from our life line.

Yes we all have luggage that we adopted it could be some
kind of enforcement or words or laws one have implanted to be
in your beliefs or within our actions, even a person’s swag came from
something they seen or heard about all by another person.

At some point we see the placed conditions for what they and
thats the beginning of breaking free from the conditions that has brought
hardship in some way are another.

This is a joyous experience, when a person become aware of the ugliness of the perspective they was holding onto, seeing things as they are a person
will become quite amused by the certain humor just by feel the
weight being lifted, out with the old, on to the anew comes with knowledge.

One is truly placed in truth with ones self, becoming to be
spontaneously light and humorous this is best for ones life.

If one is always serious, you’ll miss the love of pondering and
meeting good people, got to be fair to yourself and others, it’s
so many ways to fall into being the bad guy or lady, we
do it to ourselves many times.

When a person doesn’t know them self then what you believe about others is only your own projection, giving up the tendency to be judgemental either towards yourself or towards other people….THE END….

P*s… Yes it is a part two coming real soon, please enjoy and share your time, thoughts, opinions, and feelings..


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