Steve Anderson


If your a listener, many time’s you can look forward to
the downloading of new info of different understanding’s,
with the knowledgeable’s tool’s that will empower you to
creating new route’s to making life change’s…

The many tool’s that available in bringing change into reality
is the driving force of seeking knowledge and recognizing
the truth, in understanding, and opinion’s…

These day’s people will try to create “ituation’s” in your life
on a just because note, or on some hating sh*t, people not
understanding the cool is in the passing on of knowledge
that create’s new understanding’s or a better one…

The flip side is with the empty fruitless thought’s that you
allow a person to share with you, the reward is you have
just {won} NOTHING in the growth department, and time
is not waiting on you keep wasting it, ain’t no get back
remember that…

The question is not whether a person will have the power within themselves to change, we must also be attentive in considering that not every person’s mind play trick’s on them..

[MEANNG] ~ “Mind playing trick’s”: (not being able to make sound, reasonable decision’s)..

But is a person willing to let go of the old luggage of (their
over all performance on dry land?*?

The word’s and action’s that you been using..

Limiting pattern’s and the ways of your word’s and action’s have allowed themselves to be identified as a “hitch hiker’s”, or the way’s of Johnny
flipping gate..

[Meaning] ~”Johnny flipping gate” (is a person that goes for anything, a person without their own identity, the age rage start’s at 11yrs old to
90yrs old..

Do you know and understand you and your way’s?*?

Anyone can be of these two conditions a hitchhiker, or johnny flipping gate..

When all components are accounted for a person has reached to the number one deadliest disorder’s which is self in flicked retardation..

[MEANING] ~”Self in flicked retardation”: (That’s a person that has given up on God and themselves, having no identity, not standing up for their right’s as a human being, this create’s self in flicked retardation and is the
deadliest disorder, cause it’s given by one’s self..

[MEANING] ~ “Hitchhiker” – (a person that says’ or does what they see other people do without adding some of their own swag)..

If a person have no intention’s for change they will lose interest in
keeping up with the anew change’s that will come into their live’s..

Everyone start’s the race with good intention’s, but many of us don’t
use the tool’s to win the race, so as I have stated above a
person lose’s interest..

The capacity to change and grow is extremely important, once you asked
and answer the why question’s, you’ll receive more privilege’s and benifit’s from the anew change’s that start’s within yourself..

Answers to such question’s are determined by a person’s capacity to grow, we need to develop the capacity to grow which include’s the
ability to recognize what’s we are doing wrong within our action’s and word’s..

The effectiveness of our word’s and action’s should tell (you) a story..

If another person have to speak on one of your conditions, the
title of the beginning of your story : Is your not mindful of
your own word’s or action’s, could be both or either one of
the two..

This kind of damage of ourselves is also a key component to being
the way’s of Johnny flipping gate, or a person thinking they got all
the answer’s, and know it all..

To change our habitual behavior accordingly will require patience and focus ness, with a person being determined to having better within ourselves, once that’s achieved then you’ll do better and give other’s the
best part of you, in a better fashion..

Without the additive’s of nothing..

There are resistance when a person go against the flow of our usual
pattern’s, many people can describe a series of obstacle’s that block the wall spring of enthusiasm and keep this energy from bubbling up into a person’s awareness although the block’s are quit mystical by nature..

They shed a great deal of light on the human condition, haven’t you
noticed that certain habit’s completely dry up..

Your enthusiasm for life, practice’s, habit’s like criticizing yourself and other people, being defensive when your fault’s are pointed out or even worse apathetic then there is malice lack of restraint, impatience, hypocrisy, cruelty how can enthusiasm penetrate these qualities?*?

What else weigh’s you down?*?

Well I would really be careful about complaining, cause I’m sure if your in the free world your “ituation” can be that of the pass as long as you don’t have the way’s of Johnny flipping gate or of a hitchhiker..

Stand up for your’s, YOU..

It’s a bad day if your creating all the components to just be
apart of {THE OTHER}..

Its only one of you that should tell you your apart of a
bigger plan and God’s driving…. THE END….


DOC #288318

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