Chivas Taylor

(only the strong survive, by CHIVAS TAYLOR )

last year and the years befor that was my past.this year is my present,me moving forward in life and seeing my future.I didnt have a new years resolution,i have a new day resolution.Because every day im trying to better myself,gain more knowledge and keep myself sharp.This discipline have turn me into a better person,i still have a long ways to go on this journey.And during the ride i want get distracted,i will stay focus on my plans.I want let me being in prison doing this time keep me down,i will strive through this.Keeping my head held high.I made alot of mistakes in my life and im lerning from them.The big key in life for me,is live,learn,listen and pay-attention,most imporatant thing in life,is to have patients,so thats what im doing.Taking my time down the feild until i reach the goal line,befor you know it,its a touchdown.Then comes the celebration to my success that been made in life.I will make it through this situation thats at hands.They can chain and lock my body up,but not my mind,because it will always be (“FREE”) and one day i will be (“FREE”)

DOC #99284


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