Isaac Harris

by Isaac Harris

My name is Isaac michael Harris inmate # 599-044 and im from cleveland ohio.
Im 32 years old and im 5″11 and 260 pounds. Im bald head with dark brown eyes. I have 2 kids twins a girl and boy. Im locked in prison for agg. Robbery,kid napping, and strong arm robbery. No! I did not hurt a soul nore did I have a wepon. I was just young and stupid… Ive lost my mother do to drugs and Ive been molested as a kid. Im mentally fucked up because of all the hurt and paine ive indored threw this spoiled ass life.But I don’t use it as a cruch because I Will Weather The Storm!!
I was givin 13 years and I have 1 in a half years left due to the program they have bestowed on the prison system. My exact date is febuary of 2020 but I get out 6 months early to a half way house.. I am so scaird of reality and this transition to the real world. I was 20 years of age when I got locked up and now im 32. Shit God please help me. I feel so all alone and I will be like a bird with no wings. So I guss ill have to learn how to fly a hellicopter or a air plane.Cause like I said I will weather the Storm no matter the raine or give me the wind of all winds and threw it all I will prevail. I whant to be a poet and a book writer on side of it all a fellow advicate for outher inmates trying to pick up the peices and due there best just to make it in this cold cold world.

Isaac Michael Harris
DOC #599-044


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  1. It will be a big transition for sure- try to plan for it as well as you can before you get out. Know where you’re going, at least at first, contact anyone who can support you. Planning ahead is key to not going down a bad path! Don’t be scared, pray and ask God to help you. He knows what you’ll need.


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