Kody Osco

( 2018 & all the drama in prison) by KODY OSCO

so Saturday around 2am the transformer blew out creating hella issues through out the prison we woke only to be escorted to and from chow, and in all the security , “modified movement” a huge gang fight broke out comming out of the chow hall at dinner. at least 15-20 involved.. so we were then ordered to the cold ground, for 15 minutes. fights continued throughout saturday and Sunday Tue S.R.T’S were strong wit their guns “mace guns” cells were still without power Tuesday and we remained on lock down and modified movement till wensday at 11:00am and now were only coming out on quarter ranges. I gotta get back up north , I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole in Alice in wonderland!:-) hihi

DOC #640807

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