Samuel Sims Jr.

Introducing Samuel Sims Jr.

Hello, My name is Samuel Sims JR #54377,I’m locked up at ElDorado Correctional Facility P.O.Box 311,ElDorado,Kansas 67042.I’m a 46 year old black man that’s single looking for a friend to write too,to help pass away this time.I’m doing 15 years for a reckless Involentary ManSlaughter,I’ve already got in 7 1\2 years on it now!My earliest release date is 7-24-2024,but my lastest date is 7-24-2026!I stand at 5’10” and weigh 193 lb’s with dread’s that come down to my shoulder’s.My complextion is a carmel brown and i’m in good shape.A little about myself i’m a good person with a very big heart,that made a mistake that i really wish i could undo in my life.I’m understanding,loving,kind and open about my self.I don’t hide anything about my life to anyone and i keep it all real at all time’s,Because i feel that honesty is the best thing in life to people.Being in here is really hard on a person when they don’t have someone to write too,or talk too to help ease there time and mind.I like all kind’s of thing in life because i a very active person that will try anything fun once in life.I’m still a big kid at heart but i dont act like a kid!I’m not hung up on race,i grew up in a world that didn’t see color! I’m just looking for someone to be my friend and share some of there time with me.Once you get to know me you’ll see that i’m the guy that you take home to Mom and she will love me!(L.O.L)So will you take a chance on being my friend and you will fain a very good friend in you’r life.So please write me and get to know me!Thank You evry much for taking you’r time out to read this,hope to hear from you soon.Bye for now! You’rs Truly!

Samuel Sims JR
DOC #54377

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