Fayvun Manning

Introducing Fayvun Manning-Bey


My name is Fayvun Manning-Bey and I was charged and locked up for Felony Murder, Aggravated Robbery, and Aggravated Battery two days after X-mas in 1997.
I was sentenced to a 15 to life, a 51 month
and 162 month sentence. I was seen by the Kansas Review Board twice, I was recently passed for 2 years, I go up for parole in Nov. 2019( possible release date).
I was 18 years old when I commited my crimes, Im now 38 going on 39 on the 21st of feb. 2018, 20 years i’ve been locked up. I lived most of my life in prison than in the world.
I love making and writting music, working out especially with free iron, last time I checked I was curling and sholder pressing 225lbs and bench pressing 315. I love learning new things hand listening to people talk, as long as its positvie. Good is my nature.
I would like to hear from you and tell you more about my self, if you choose to contact me I can be reached at: Fayvun Manning #68174, El Dorado Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 311, El Dorado, Kansas 67042; jpay. com; OR on my cousins face book page at Sheanna Avery. Thank you for your time!
LOVE and PEACE to all, #FFMB or Fay

Fayvun Manning
DOC #68174

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