(we never die only change form, “why??”) by kody osco

we never really ever die, one spends to much time fearing death, when it’s a blessing there are only a couple things we do once in this life/realm, live once, we experience emotions on a level the gods&goddess of other realms worship yet we fear death it only happens once and if your really knowledgeable, all you gotta do is read and believe that were energy, pure energy never really die’s it nearly changes form, I mean you can’t destroy atoms,so fourth. they just change form, we consist of atoms and so forth.
a couple of my favorite books, first “”the secret history of extraterrestrials.” by Len Keasten. great book will completely blow your mind. infact check this website out “” I would so love to here from someone who has gone to this website and let me know what’s on it.. other great books are “” fingerprints of the gods” by Graham Hancock.. then theirs the chuck willcox .. all three are world wide known and every book you read will leave you pondering, and questioning everything you were ever taught.. I find it hard to find people who read the same social science, but I hit the jackpot I met a very young smart woman with a bright future ahead of her, and she studies social science college in Brazil , we trade recipe’s I must say she has this jocose, way and energy that kinda took me by surprise. I welcome anyone that love to talk universe, or is across sea’s are really enjoy the many different cultures. and it makes for great chit chat, and healthy relationship’s. hit via snail mail at ( W.C.I., P.O.BOX 120, LEBANON, OHIO- ,45036, OR SHOOT ME AN INVITE THROUGH JPAY.COM.. )

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