POEM by Isaac Harris

From: ISAAC HARRIS age32 born 10-05-85
5″11 256 pounds brown skined and brown eyes
From Isaac Harris#a599-044
Warren corrections p.o box 120
Lebanon ohio 45036
Or contact me on line at

Call it a life with no meaning for im lost & affraid”
Bitter days & sleepliss nights,shakeld locked in a cage”
So much hate and invey for the free I see”
For they are blind to what they have, oh hateful thoughts in me”
One mastake is all it takes, and with that be your life”
Double edge sword,with a cord,times that with a knife”
So I scream in a rage for the time that pass”
A longly cry for why ask why do I feel like trash”
A hateful soul for now I have with thoughts of much disgrace”
Sinful thoughts now come to me to be free of this place”
So how shale I heal for the way I feel as my time do faid”
Call it a life with no meaning,for im lost and affraid”

( Poetry of A lost soul )
By Isaac M. Harris

I have so much poetry to share with the world and I am greatful to have a glimer of a chance to speak from my heart and soul. tomorrow is never promis to day and I am blessed to be able to be herd by even somebody. My love and prayers goes out to thoes who took the time to at least listen to my cries.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Isaac M. Harris
DOC #A599-044


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