Richard Davidson

by Richard Davidson

I am writing in regard to the state of Ohio wrongfully convicting me of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a minor.
First of all, I want to start out by stating that I am not from Ohio and I have become very aware of issues surrounding the over crowding of its prisons throughout the state.
After seeing the manner in how I was bamboozled and convicted. Its very clear to me as to why this is. I am not sure if everyone in your state is aware of the facts that the Ohio prison system is probably the sole reason the state has not went belly up in bancruptcy. Because it is one huge money racket. But that’s another discussion for another time.

I met a girl on a xxx adults only website. Her profile stated that she was 19 years old, she had several nude photos posted on her profile and she advertised that she was interested in meeting men for the sole purpose of having sex with no strigs attached.
I met this girl in person after talking to her online for a week or more. When we met, I made sure to ask her again about her age just to make sure she was not underage and she insisted that she was indeed 19 years old. That same night that we met, I was arrested for charged with Unlawful Sulexual Conduct with a minor because it turns out that this girl was in fact 14 years old.
When the police arrived I was asked if I was from the motel across the street because this girl had previously been meeting men at the motel for the express purpose of having sex. During the police questioning, the asked her what her intentions were and she stated she wanted to have sex with me. The police officer then asked her why she did not tell me how old she really was and she stated because she knew if she told me the truth, I would have left.
I was charged, indicted and convicted for Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a minor. The prosecution argued that I should have inquired further as to the age of the alleged “victim” and that I should have even went as far as to ask for government issued identification.
The prosecution states that I was guilty of disregarding a substantial and justifiable risk with a heedless indifference to the consequences that she might be underage.
That is extremely odd because I met her on an adults-only website, she accessed it illegally and then repeatedly lied to me concerning her age. She portrayed herself as a 19 year old woman and in looking at her profile with her nude photos and what she posted that she was interested in, no reasonable person would have any basis to think that she was not being truthful.
Even during my bench trial, the alleged victim testified that the reason she did not tell the truth about her age, was because she knew I would leave if she told the truth and she also testified that everything was 100% her fault because of what she did by illegally gaining access to an adults-only website and lying to me about her age.
What I do not understand is how is it that I was convicted by a judge and sentenced to a 4 year prison term? I will now have to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years, after my 4 year prison term is completed. I do not qualify for any programs that would shorten my sentence like other crimes. Then to add salt to the wound, the correctional officers are continually telling other inmates that you are she x offender just hoping to get other inmates to retaliate against you, usually with ending with violent crimes committed against you from other inmates.

Richard Davidson
DOC #A737319


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