compliment of service by KODY OSCO

first I would like to thanks inmate blogger and Suzie for all the effort they put Into helping we inmates be heard, and rehabilitation through writings/blogs.. I find it very relaxing and rehabilitating, to express my thoughts, and exercise the tools I’ve learned through out my stay in the Ohio department of “rehabilitation””!!!!! I’m not sure if anyone is reading my blogs tell you the truth I’m not 100% clear on the term blog.. if anyone is reading this or any of my other blogs and wants to chat feel free to contact me via or is it not sure or snail mail me at

kody osco #640807
W.C.I. p.o. box-120
Lebanon Ohio, 45036

I’m very open minded and deep in spirit. I’m looking to sharpen my tools as my out date draws closer I get more nervious , I need as many healthy friends as I can make.. I’m all up for what ever advice you have… know that I’m meeting me for the first time and I’m not too proud to admitt I need help. the world is full of hate and dirty love , trust me I was a contributor, I believe their are people out their who care and want to help others find true agape…

well Suzie, I just wanted to thank you and inmate blogger.

kody Osco
DOC #640807

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