Steve Anderson


All I had to do was find out how they moved on dry land.

Sure enough changes had to be made in ways I never
thought could take place, yes I’m sure He has a plan.

To Proceed :
It turned out to be me and many of ways had to be
addressed, but I was very sure the outcome would work for me.

I always had a spark within my characteristic that will shine for many years, but to understand self a person has to go deep in seeing the
issues that need to be addressed.

Evil lies hiding in self, and it is this that leads it on
to do wrong.

If God were to leave the servant alone with his self, the servant
would be destroyed between it’s evil and the evil and that it
creates but If God grants the person success and help, then
they will survive.

We seek refuge in God the Almighty, both from the evil of
our selves and from the evil of our deeds.

So the self is a single entity, although it’s state may change: from
the self that urges evil to the reproachful self, to the self at
peace, which is the final aim of perfection.

The self at peace has an angel to help it, who assists
an guide it.

The angel cast good into the self, so that it desires what is
good and is aware of the excellence of good actions.

The angel also keeps the self away from wrong action and shows
it the ugliness of bad deeds.

All in all, wherever is for God and by Him, always comes from
the soul which is at peace.

The self at which urges evil has shaytan as its ally. He
promises it great rewards and entices it to do evil.

He leads it on with after hope and presents falsehood to it
in a form that it will accept and admire.

The self at peace, and it’s angel require the following unwavering belief in
God, the one, without any partners moral excellence good behavior towards God, and ones parents.

A believer is responsible for it self, and they must be truthful in bringing themselves to account in order to please God.

Every punishment from Him is pure justice and every blessing from Him
is pure grace.

The one who is truly imprisoned is the person whose heart is imprisoned
from God, and the captivated person is the one whose desires have enslaved them.


DOC #288318

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