Steve Anderson

To Command and Control, (done with respect to and for all team players)…. by Steve Anderson

The power in words are to create understanding
for all, know also as sharing knowledge.

Your skills, faith and laws will bring your

To Proceed :
The problem in leading a group is that people inevitably
have their own agendas.

If you are to authoritarian, they will resent you and rebel in
silent ways.

If you are to easy going, they will revert to their natural selfishness
and you will lose control.

You have to create a chain of respectable laws in which people don’t feel
constrained by your influence, yet follows your leads letting your words motivate them to bringing their best just as everyone else.

Your words and actions must state I come in peace and I know some
things that’s rewarding for all of us.

Make your commands clear and inspiring, focusing your attention on the team, and not the gaols that need to be accomplished, cause it takes a
good team to create successful-ness within and to and for all hands
on deck let party.

At all times you have to apply the law’s put in place to
up lift the attainments, keeping in mind as the days go by.

The law is, bad is bad but cool is the rule to staying
focused on the prize at hand.

Creating trophy mmoires don’t come with the dealing of in subornation.



DOC #288318

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