Michael Holmberg

David’s Heart Part I – by Michael Holmberg


Responsibility is said to involve the ability to examine and respond to our relationship between self, community and environment. The following information is part of my efforts to be a responsible citizen in my community, to help prisoners families and friends navigate the various obstacles encountered within the system, by means of education and progressive action, enabling you to defend your rights and relationships with those on this side of the fence.

The following subjects are presented for your consideration:

Part I Introduction
Part II Contact Visiting
Part III Extended Family Visiting
Part IV Communication
Part V Health Care
Part VI Transition and Release
Part VII What’s Wrong?
Part VIII Accountability Act
Part IX Public Records Act

It is my sincerest hope and belief that the information presented will inform you, promoting understanding and action – growth and healing on both sides of the fence.

This is dedicated to my wife and those of you who support a person in prison.

I can be reach for comment at: davidsheart342@gmail.com

Michael Holmberg
DOC #741372

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