Steve Anderson

WHY DON’T YOU SEEK TO KNOW ?*? by Steve Anderson

It’s things that has took place in the pass, unexplained things
that should make you ponder…

That has happen all around us that point’s out sound facts
that’s deliver guidance to belief..

To what?*? Only you have that answer, but I ask you what
do your answer give you?*?

To Proceed :
It was a man his name is Joe he’s married with one son, Joe went to work everyday he was a window washer for the highrise buildings loved his job and he was good at doing his job…

Joe went to work the next day as any other day do nothing different, but
on that day Joe fall 47 story’s to the ground and lived, what would
you call such act?*?

Hold on stop right now, let me say this so you won’t use
such a lingual such as the word LUCK…

People luck is a jealousy of success…

So now were getting down to just two facts left, #1~ there is a God,
#2~ Our Joe’s mind and heart helded a hidden power that was released into a miracle…

Buddha the enlighten one, he realized by letting go of his desires,
it free him from worldly suffering…

The starting point of Buddha’s journey

Buddha lived with his father on a big compond he never had any
dealing with anything outside of the compond…

One day Buddha got very curious and wondered outside of his fathers compound, upon doing so he become a witness to seeing things he never
seen in his lifetime…

He had no knowledge that these thing’s he was seeing for the
first time even existed..

Seeing different people, some was of sickness, others very old in age,
many other things he had no knowledge about…

He ended up under a tree, and is that’s when clarity for him
took place…

Sure enough Joe had to have blood transfusions, and different surgeries, but he lived and is walking and doing other things just as I…

So would you agree that God has a plan for Joe or was
the accident apart of Joe’s life journey? *?

History shows us many people that have a heart attack and die the
heart stops, and then out of no where the heart start back up
and the person lives, and. they can tell you a detail story about
what went on well they were not breathing…

Is it something in our bodies that keeps us alive after one
stops breathing, and the heart stops, what would that be?*?

It’s different opinions on religion no doubts on that, what we believe should install the power to do good within ourselves and to and for
others people that may need our assistance…

People be down with the good looking out policy, it’s just you
doing what you can for another person…

As I said do what you can, it could be done with a smile,
or a hello has are you today…

it’s my opinion, and belief within my heart that it’s only one Creator
without partner…

I’m not sharing my words to start a word war…

I respect all opinions, feelings, and knowledgeable words given…

Well happy Christmas peoples, may you all receive love within your hearts
and soul, and may the new year bring you successful within and
to the world…

That’s realy all I ask for is your time you leaving your words that
is important to me, we can both be better if we share and
keep an open mind right?*?

I’m not one to push my beliefs on other people so please read
all my words with an open mind…

It’s a lot more to Buddha’s story I’m sure of that I just remember a short side piece…

In hopping I got it right, never in a disrespectful manner, and if that’s
what you believe in please share some History….

Thank you for your time…

I know my pieces be long, my Mom always told me to give the best understanding I can, I’ll try to shortened them some…


DOC #288318


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