Kody Osco

( 8th WEEK GROUP LESSON ) by kody osco

with each cage your rage session I feel myself getting closer to the finish line. I feel as if the final keys are just around the corner, I’m down to one section of G.E.D “MATH, and I’m really seeing and feeling that all my other groups fall into play around what I’m learning in “cage your rage” I’m learning that, most all my issue’s revolves around one single emotion anger, and how it was, and use to be controlling my fate, it was anger that got me caught in the after math of all my crimes. it was anger that caused me to lash out at loved ones, hurt those close to me. those that only ever wanted to see me succeed, it was anger that blinds us when we don’t want to see a situation for what it really is, causing us to snow ball other self talking sceneries in our head, we live in a world full of angry woman/men/trans genders ,so forth. all this anger , all this tention , is sick twisted drama that leads to so much of our unhealthy ways.. we humans strife on finding faults. laughing at the person next to us, when if we accept their mistakes as our mistakes and work to achieve peace,and love on a level that say’s we not a country, but as a world are not angry we are simple, and embrace love on a agape level. and should understand our faults not as counties but as an entire world. i’m at a point in my life where for the first time I’m happy, I’m happy with the man I’m becoming, I’m not gonna stand in the mirror and listen to the world say “it only took you 20 plus years”” I’m say” ” I’ll help the next man.. if it means sharing my 20 plus years of mistakes, to achieve unity.. so be it.. I would only change one thing about how I’ve come to where I am now. “I’d be there the day my oldest daughter shyanne was born. it is truly the only thing that haunts me..”. honestly I waited so long for cage your rage group. because of all the programs prison offers. it’s the one I thought I didn’t need, now I’m learning , unhealthy habbitts lead to dark, and blind us from the truth. the truth is I needed anger management from the start should of seen this simple issue that controled. my fate, yet was blinded by my own self talk, my own man made pride, my own drug induced coma. now i’m in the light and all the tools in my tools box are sharpened and I understand how to use and apply most of them. thanks Mrs K” for putting forth 100% in group to ensure we gain 110% back. IT’s working.. I think woman make better group Instructers, as they have more emotion , and tend to have better roll play lession’s to express a situation making it easier to comprehend the lesson.. one must understand for you healthy people in society, this healthy way of living comes easy it’s all you know. just as all I use to know was unhealthy living ways, that kept me in the dark.. I now envy and seek out all advice from you healthy living people. your never to old to help the person next to you, let’s not sit around and call me stupid or foolish, or menace to society, that is only stouping to my level and allowing me to beat you in experience, because I’ve already admitted my faults, I was and use to be all, that dirty negative news paper talk. the real issue is can you forgive and share your healthy ways with a new man willing to learn, and gain out knowledgeable infoe, so I can enter back. into society the man this world needs much love and peace, via j-pay.com.

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