True poetry from a loving man disspite my demons of the past! by Isaac Harris


some say life is like a merothon but im running a sprint”
So many hurddles I indore and with each sin I repent”
I give my all and much more running blind in A race”
For what reason for this madness in this cold bitter place”
FOR Every fall is so painefull and im doing it all alone”
And it may be just a scratch but it feels like broken bone”
Am I dumb to keep running even thoe I am in paine”
How can life be a gift when all I get is storm and raine”
I have a lot to indore and much more I must face”
can i make it through this hell for its A never ending race”
so ill still run just as fast and to this life ill make a dent”
Some say life is like a merothone but im running in a sprint”

( Poetry of A lost soul )

And I get out in feb. 2020 and im 32 and was born 10-05-85 I love short poetry that gets right to the point and dont keep my people waiting. Life Is so short and i will get the best out of this body and soul so please adore me and i will forever be your poet. I pland on writing books cause I have lots and lots of good poetry.

Isaac M. Harris
DOC #A599044


Categories: INMATE POEMS, Isaac Harris

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