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In your words and actions, especially in
worshipping God, as it’s said by many people,
it’s a way to do everything….

To Proceed :
A servant need to persevere in three circumstances : First, before fulfilling an act of obedience, by pay attention to their sincerity in
doing this act of obedience…

Second, during the act of obedience, by persisting in completing it without
any omissions and without being negligent in accordance with their sincere intentions, and without allowing the physical performance of the action to district their heart from being at rest in full submission before God the Exalted…

Third, after completing the act of obedience by patiently avoiding anything that might wipe out it’s reward…

This kind of patience means that a person must not be pleased with
them having been obedience and boast about it out of realm of the
veiled secret in to that of public scrutiny…

The act of the servant is a secret between themselves and God, the Exalted, and it is recorded as such in the realm of secrets…

Now the law states if you talk about it, is removed from
there to the realm of o knowledge…

So a person must not think that there is no more need for
perseverance once the physical action has been completed…

In the case of acts of disobedience, the matter is clear and simple…

The greatest help for. the servant in patiently avoiding such acts is
to give up their bad habits and to avoid contact with those who
encourage such habits through companionship and conversation…

There are matters in which the servant has no choice, and which
they has no means of avoiding, such as misfortunes, who either are
not from man’s own making like death and illness or caused by a
person like physical violence and verbal abuse…

In relation to the first kind of misfortune, there are four know stations :


DOC #288318



When conditions are placed there is no misunderstanding
of the law’s that you have set forth within your life, or how
you walk on dry land, it’ll tell the world a story all about who
you be….

To Proceed :There are four known stations :

^The station of inability to cope, which includes being agitated and and complaining

The station of patient endurance and perseverance

The station of acceptance and contentment

The station of gratitude, in which the misfortunes is viewed as a blessing
~.and so the one who is afflicted is thankful to the One Who
Afflicts them for it…

That statement above is not part of (self inflicted retardation)…

In relation to misfortune, which is caused by people, there are these
four stations, plus four more

The station of forgiveness

The station of clarity of the heart regarding any wish to satisfy
any desire for revenge

The station of being in position to do so and the station
of treating the wrongdoer with kindness…

There are matters which are brought about by the servant’s own choice,
but once they have happened and taken control of their situation, they
are left with no choice in being able to change them or
to free themselves from their effects on them….THE END….

As I have stated many times, it’s a pleasure within my heart to do what I can in bring it with honesty…


DOC #288318


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