Kody Osco

( inner explosive feelings!) by KODY OSCO

I think about what the first thing I will do upon my release, and this emotion, this dream only gets stronger as each day pass’s.. but in the same emotion, fear and a lot of nervousness set’s in.
when one is locked up they have what I refer to as the law leash, this is a invisible perimeter in which I am provided safe secure structure. it’s kinda like a dog you hook up on running close line. until it understands if it keeps running wildly ,carelessly, it will continue to yank its neck. but teach it the perimeter of the leash and the dog will follow, my point is as my day comes closer I think about when they open the gate and take the law leash I’ve been wearing these long seven years, will I run till I yank my neck again ,have I really gained enough tools to understand. the yellow lights , even obey the red lights in life.. or is the only color I know and understand ever gonna be green. I’d like to think I’ve gained enough, but only time will tell its real easy to say and think when your wearing a law leash. its mostly why I try to reach out to who ever reads my blogs, I seriously need to establish healthy friends.. welcome who ever wants to chat, about anything, I really enjoy culture, trading recipes, world news gossip.. watch Ellen and the real on the regular. I’m huge science freak and could talk science for eons.. hihihihihihi!!!!!
I know theirs people out in the world… wanna chit chat… and even give their advice I,m all ears!!! jpay.com

DOC #640807!!!


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