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Woman have it so easy when it comes to popping a mans internal lock, the combination is oh so simple it’s only 2 ,numbers, and the combination is either 1 up, or 2 down its for this reason that 90% of woman living a unhealthy life style , “Drugs, etc” turn to prostitution, it’s easy money to feed their out of control drug habbit’s. but from experience swimming along side these woman feeding off their hustle while they fed off mine I learned these facts woman’s habits , are far more complicated then men’s.. ” WHY” because woman have more emotions then men. their trying mask/cover up more emotions. if you read one of my blogs “INEFFABLE BEAUTY” you know that I believe no living thing on earth or in the milky way for that matter, feels more emotion then a woman at the peakk of child birth. so when a woman cross’s into the dark world of drugs and crime if she has a baby on/in the light , maybe her mom or father has the child .. this weighs heavy on her. I’ve found that woman will do anyhing to mask the sheer feeling of guilt,
when I was younger I lived a couple years with a woman we’ll say yeah I won’t lie she was a female pimp. she had about five younger men living In her house, most of my client’s were out of state, well 8 of the 12. this woman was extremely smart and I was to naive at the time to uderstand her hustle but she mad six figures a year, I’m sure of the this now decades later. but I got free room and board, drugs were endless what else could a young man want.. she was very strict on teaching about combination’s to this day I believe she is retired, and I don’t even think I new her real name.. only years later was I able to figure out the seeds she indirectly planted in my young head it goes like so
woman have 5 numbers in their internal lock, and men can easily get caught up in their egotistical world, woman influence and play us men into this game.. but most woman aren’t even sure how many numbers their working with, often woman go 30- 40 years thinking they’ve had their lock popped only to find out “”WOW!!!”. we men think were the shit and we can pop any woman’s lock and this and that.. but in all honesty we are only hitting 1-2 #er’s because what men are failing to realize is a woman’s climax is 1000* a mans this means , that when and if you stumble across all 5#ers and pop her lock she will be parilized, unable to move because it’s that intense. woman are doing jumping jacks cooking eggs all sorts of other tricks if a man hits 3 of her 5 number’s, feeding into her mans egotistical mind. he’s ready to go again “thinking ,wow I got her figured out, I’m win this game.
week later she now through her monthly cycle. life’s a bitch and fuck everything, then storm clears she levels out. he’s ready.”so he thinks” giving his “A” GAME he used all last month he continue’s to work them 3- numbers in the combination that worked last month, “”thinking , W.T.F.”” he looks up at her only to find her looking at him like a deer in headlights. this is why men when a woman hits her monthly cycle you must understand the combination changes them numbers you spent all month putting together, to pop her lock it’s worthless start over soon as her cycle is over , sure it’s the same set of numbers just all scrambled into another new form. it’s that complicated. it’s why durring her cyclye she is very unstable things are changing resetting.
so if anyone wants to challenge. my theory feel free to contact me further details and better chat. at via jaypay.com, or snail mail “W.C.I. P.O. BOX -120 LEBANON , OHIO. 44036.

DOC #640807


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