Steve Anderson

ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE [that’s what she said]… by Steve Anderson

When a person lothe for no good reasons,,
you’ll be labelled as hater.

It’s many haters here, and telling on another person
has turn into the cool thing to do, NOT COOL AT ALL.

I wasn’t raised to be doing any of that, and play tells
is real telling, I been told on and it ain’t cool at all.

If someone treats you unfairly, or unjustly you
have the rights to speak on it, but just to do so just
because of what another person told you qualifys
you to be hater just as the one who told U.

YOURSELF, I do what I won’t, that were that came

Or do they think it would be cool to be apart of such nonsense,
speaking on issues they have no knowledge about.

Macking in having a wonderful personality, and good
communication skills is how we roll right?*?

But as I said their hating, just look up you’ll see many looking at
you not minding their own.


It’s a wonderful thing to get an opinion or a smile
with laughter and honesty, I’m hooked on that.


If a conversation was not to be, just say thats not
up for discussion…

*My moma tought and showed me good manners, and respect that stays on a 100%,, I just don’t share what others speak to me
about, that’s not cool at all…

My self respect, integrity, understanding, and knowledge bring me to love life.

The people that gives their time too adding special momments that
creates trophy memories, well adding knowledge, and understanding within my heart, so I keeps my appreciation on a 1000%.

I’ll always do what I can, I have many reasons to being happy every
day, so to be around others that have their own reasons, I tip
my HAT.

There’s no motives of unjust in my words or actions I come in
peace with a smile and laughter…

To Proceed :
When a person backbite on another person, it’s still considered

Even if your words are of truth, who are you to tell someone
else about another person’s affairs?*?

It’s different if you witness a person deceiving one that your
cool with you got to put them on…

Many hate because of some kind of dislikes about a person…

Now if your warning a person of some kind of dangerous ituation, by
all means do so with honesty and not additives of your own.

Never look for get back, way to cool for games.

It’s a lot of people that have a 97% good ratings in the personality, and characteristic department, and were hated on cause of the happiness we hold within ourselves.

It’s joy alone to wakeup in the morning, knowin someone enjoys your
company and perspectives, and sees the drive in you want better in your
world, stay down for yours.

The only one that don’t know is the ones that don’t seek
the knowledge to do.

It’s not against the law, your funny walk or the lines in
your forehead all tells its own story, a site in all to witness a
person who love themselves.

One who speaks honesty, has good character, and seeks knowledge to better their ituation.

Our personalities light up a room full of people, they love being around
such positiveness.

Many people that will interact some from afar always create confusion your way, all due to our kindness some thinking they can they can be
0 to100 in 7: minutes.

Many misunderstanding can cost a person their job, some company’s is fast to say in so many words, (YOUR) just to friendly for this world.

But I can’t stop being me, I swear! ! !

One is just being them, trying to pay bills and see to
the little peoples.

It’s very refreshing in my eyes, cause it’s no good earthly reasons
to not be you, I less it makes U better.

Please people don’t get me wrong, when your at work sure enough
you have a job to do, responsibilities to over see, don’t take it
home, bad decision.

I love me and love that my integrity, respect for others are unchangeable
and not based on money or another person walking on dry land
that can change that but one can always assist in better by
sharing knowledge and being themselves.

But you must be mindful at all times, it’s hater watching, so
the best thing which is just one being safe not talk long
to people hit and run, or just say I’m busy.

Cause their hating, and telling always with additives, the streets is talking.

Hay” I understand, f*ck them feed them fish it sinks just as a sewer
rat, but this is their world I stay clear of people that hate
for no reason or blames it all on d,o,c their talk is limited.

Many of us have made bad decisions that do not define who
we are.

We use this time to add and bring better to ourselves,friends
and love ones.



DOC #288318


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