Timothy W. Elkins


I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been having a lot of problems here concerning incoming and outgoing correspondence. If I haven’t answered your communication, it’s very likely that I never received it.

I’m not sure the cause, but I’ve experienced various harassments with my mail since August. I’ve mailed letters to friends that never arrived. I’ve created a videogram for which I was charged the usual cost but which doesn’t appear as sent. I received a correspondence that incurred significant damage in an apparently hasty attempt to open and review its contents. This was just after I’d filed a grievance in regard to said postal interference, the second step following what’s referred to as an “informal complaint”. Yet what I’ve mentioned does not cover each instance of harassment.

I’ve since filed an appeal that was also mocked by the chief inspector. I’d gone through the three phase grievance procedure during which I was never allowed to speak face-to-face with an authority figure, only to be left without redress. The complaint/grievance procedure is now entirely electronic, said to hold institutional staff more accountable. Yet, the basis for the digitization of this procedure is given by pretext. Ultimately the paper trail has been eliminated and the complaint recipients remain anonymous. One could never quite tell who has answered and rejected the complaint until affording to go to federal court for redress.

Furthermore, the history of a complaint can now be erased with the click of a button. A malicious authority figure could completely eliminate administrative/staff accountability simply by deleting the history of the incident.

This message is meant to inform you that this problem has manifested within the last few months but more importantly that it might not yet be resolved. If you’ve attempted to contact me but haven’t received a response, try to reach me through some of other service until we can get things straightened out. Until I hear from you, God bless you. Take care of yourselves.
Your friend,

Timothy Elkins
DOC #A636630


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