Steve Anderson


Over time I wasn’t the only person to come to the conclusion
that the streets didn’t give love back…

To Proceed :
I learned as a child through my mother that the chivalry
of a person isn’t always about using cuss words and their fist.

FACTS ~ All of creation including all animals or born with a mind, heart,
two ears and one mouth, it’s a good reason behind this, the
only issue is God knowns best.

God has given all of His creation three very special gifts among
many other gifts.

It’s my opinion that these three gifts are very imperative to obtain reasons
being, they assist in building good characteristics of a persons portfolio, and within ones self.

#1*to give understanding…
#2*to receive understanding…
#3* having patience in listening to
another person talk.

People please know, if you’re waiting to talk your not listening.

When another person is speaking, the listener must analyze the words spoaken to learn new things, or to make be sure there are no additive
within the lines of were the truth goes.

As I have said in my pass words, it ain’t against the law to
share how you feel as long as you keep it 94% real, with honesty.

When a person make the choice to using their hand, or cusswords, it’ll
tell other people a story of the lacking-ness of the creativeness, also a
gift or a by God the Most Merciful.

People who are uneducated, weak minded, mentally incapable, or just plain dumb were the type of people who always resorted to using their
fist and cuss words instead of fighting with their mind to make sound decisions.

My mother thought me not to when it comes to a woman, and I
can honestly say I live up to many of her teachings that she
handed down to me…

Disrespect only tell other people a story of the person that didn’t pay
attention to what brings better within and to one’s likings, it’s life
living on these parts.

A person who begs for the wrong kind of attention, will always get
their wish, God knows who’s wasting time not being about that life.

Being tough, as they say it’s one for yea, means nothing to a
lot of people that walk on dry land.

Please know it’s not becoming of you to reveal the fruit’s of
your life, gaols, dislikes and likes. not at once.

Now as a leader, many parts of you are meant to be shared.

Let it always connva your skills of respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity,
and patience.

The characteristics of of a healthy heart, soul and mind, up holding the
law’s and is down with the good looking out policy I will always
do what I can…THE END…


DOC #288318


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