Steve Anderson


Because they clearly understand the
wasting of time in any fashion is just as gaining
a nothing of air.

To Proceed :
Please always keep in mind, to waste any time only showing
others that you think you got alot more coming..

Your right, only God knows best..

On that note I’m guilty as the next person speaking on my
pass life though, not as of today.

I wasted time on a lot of nothing, that’s what happens when your not
living right, lacking in understanding, and knowledge.

Today I seek knowledge, study hard upon my religion, and trend to my
business making better decisions that work for me as I contenue to make trophy memories.

Some days I need more then 24/hrs but I’m very thankful to be.

When a person is in the jail of the prison, also known as
the bucket, hole, whos-kow.

Either you spend all your time getting ready, the mind will try
to play unwanted games on you, but if your a strong minded person
you navigate your travels.

When I said (getting ready) it means for a person taking time to work
within themselves.

Making better decisions brings the best kind of growth all across the
bord, treating others and self with respect, having integrity and becoming Honorable Person.

Yes that includes to always do what you can for others, (NOT)
just because it’s that time of the year, being that Christmas is
tomorrow, one should always do something, when your able to.

it’ll warm your heart, while touching another persons soul, when you extend kindness you’ll see it in the person smile, wanting nothing in
return having no bragging rights, but knowing you assisted in the good
looking out policy~ (BE ABOUT THAT).

That somewhere else place I spoken on is the deepness of your mind, many can’t handle it and get lost, many still ain’t right as of
today~ 12*24*17.

The mind will play itself just as a movie would, once you push
play it’s no turning back.

Yes it can be very draining.

And there’s no guarantee it’ll be a round~trip.

So one may do push ups and other exercises, or read all day
sieep at night.

A person comes up with all kind of things to do trying to burn
up the time, at the sometime trying to keeping the mind right,
sometime loneliness will creep in all depending how strong you are.

One has to always give time to work on the mind, and
body, walking does wonders, at some point that gets tedious.

Trying to remember things, issues, unsolve problems, good food every little detail, the taste, texture, and at many times a special Lady will grabs
your mind. (WINK)

It just becomes crazy cause one never real give these things a thought,
in the outside world or when a person is on the mainline.

You do replays in slow motion in your mind, paying attention to
the women and special people in your life in ways you never
did when you were right next to them.

No fantasies allowed. They’re dangerous…part of that flight that takes you somewhere else.

Got to always keep it real with your self, trophy memories has the
power to make you smile, laugh out lound, cry of happy tears,
to recall one of the best moments of your life a blessing within it self.


You have the power to bring joy within yourself depend on no one.

How can you ever allow yourself to be anyway but joyful, and
full of happiness, your alive, never let you ituation define you, God
created you for a reason.

Once again, when you have the power to bring it, do so
within self then share it with the world.

It is in our nature to share our trophies memories we hold dearly
within our hearts with others people cause those are the special moments that God has blessed us to have.

Our trophies hold the rights of bringing a balance of our self respect
joy, happiness, understanding and sound knowledge, witb patience regardless were you are, smile about what’s within you.

Pondering upon creation is a form of being thankful.

It’s more reasons to fight hard to having a LIFE, not just living and
paying bills as you age, but being full of life adventurous stepping
out finding out what brings you joy, many thing don’t cost so to
much if you plan ahead, saving Penny’s will give you rights reminiscence.

Working hard brings an everlasting reward within self and to having all
your likings.

In solitary, you don’t tell time by the sun, or by a clock, you
tell by the meals they bring you.

No matter what they are, no matter how bad they taste, they
mark the time of the day…THE END….

May God Bless Everyone Doing Xmass and The Coming New Year, My He Extend His Mercy and Forgiveness Upon All Of Us…

With a new year please bring something new within your world for others to gain knowledge, understanding, patience, and last but most imperative to share with other people…[WITHOUT A CLOCK]…


DOC #288318


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