Kody Osco

( my two blessings ) by kody osco

my better half’s shy and ky without their love and support I know I wouldn’t made. through all them storms, in fact I should be dead a hundred mes over yet here I sit thankful for the oppertunity to reach out through inmate blogger and express my inner most feelings. my daughter shy I’m so very proud of her. going to school to be a surgical nurse, working., keep in up with my little grandson and all his medical issue’s in she’s dealt medical blow of herself 20 years old kidney stones cholesterols high, she continues to keep a positive attitude about the outlook on things.. she made my entire holiday season with a short e-mail, and five wonderful photo’s… my little grandson I tink about him all time he’s already two and I’ve missed the best of him building. the strong relationship that comes in them first couple years. I think about taking him sled ridding , fishing go carting, all, sorts of fun things and I’m doing everything I think I should be doing to they a judicial release, I aced the the social studies , missed 1 on the science. passed the language arts. now just the math is left… then I have a little grand daughter .. I get so down thinking about what I’m missing, I’m so far from home I don’t get any vissit’s since I was relocated down south. I won’t like I was on the verge of losing it before an inmate shared this web site with. me and the right timing in being involved with cage your rage, the keys fell into rhythm perfectly thank you Mrs “K” and Suzie for this opportunity to find my dancing shoes and begin to learn how to dance In the rain . and thank you shy and ky for sticking out all, that bad weather happy holidays .. . contact me for chat via jaypay.com. I really need a seven friend who’s candid, and able o see further into events then I currently am I tend to wonder of course it seems not always keeping the frequency needed in healthy life style living.. welcome anyone who has time

kody Osco
DOC #640807


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