Kody Osco

(mail issue’s and the real reason’s! ) by kody osco

my TV was stolen a month ago while I was in mental health,resolving a issue I use every door available to me to obtain my TV or a replacement TV. I just keep getting spun, I rely on my TV as years of abuse and drug abuse have riddled my mind with nonstop issue’s. my mail to inmate blogger was censored “gang activities” which is a lie, someone is using this as a way to block the facts I provided the public with which they are entitled to. it should be known I’m not nor have I ever been in any gang. my prison jacket consist of lots of solo fights= rule 19 and not to mention I’ve been jumped several times. so what gang activities? or is it just because I mentioned the gangs that be running the carnival? until my TV is replaced I’ll have nothing to do but blog if it bothers you I know and feel your pain the truth hurts..

kody Osco
DOC #640807


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