Kody Osco


first it’s important to know that old Norse mythology/religion is the only one where woman are and have always been equal, meaning their are just many woman war hero’s as men, also their are just as many goddesses as gods… “frejya” is on I go to very often. lot of people,e don’t k ow but the current days of the week are named after these Norse gods Friday= frejya Tuesday =oden Thursday = Thor (etc) so today I offer my love and time to the gods and goddesses that over see this realm. remember the poetic Edda’s date before the time of tube bible.. it speaks in riddles and tongues of time that came to end, the bible picks up the beging of this new era. which is also reaching its last cycle soon the world will all but earase us humans and a new chapter will begin.. so I say to the world no matter what religion you follow to achieve your peace of mind, always be open. minded and know we all seek the same comfort in this life and the one thing that will bring us together as a hole is love love is the universal medicine. it heels all conflict, mends all scars with this holiday season happy yule

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