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ON 3-3-2013 , MY daughter Kylie osco (13) had come to visit me, I was very excited but took it as any other day/visit, little did I know I would receive a message that pretty much handed what I would need to proceed into the future, this read I want the world to know was the hardest thing I,ve ever had to swallow, it is very deep in detail,
“hey daddy I miss you? “”, “I miss you to ky,how you holding up?” “so! so!” “you talked to your sister shyanne (shy)?” ” yeah we had a long talk about something that has been bothering the both of us for a very long time daddy.”” oh yeah well I’m all ears kiddo we got 20 more minutes.”” ” well dad what me and sis talked about was you and what we want to bring to your attention, and what I’m going to say is from the both of us, it may hurt, but believe daddy that we love you ,and it’s not our Intention to bring you down,but instead help you find what you are missing dad???”. ” you know ky you can tell me anything, ? ” “I know dad its for this reason I’m able to now help you!”” I love you girls always!!!!!!!!!!!!——- “”” dad me and sis want you to know we love all the. weekends with you, shopping, baking, roller skating , specially late bike rides, movie nights. , but dad you never give us the one thing we both have been seeking!!!””” ( as I sit on the other side of he glass I feel the world in my throat, beginning to sweat is this really happening is my daughter about to break down the door I created to cover my heart, noo!! this is going some wherenelse . ) “”””DAD!!””. YEAH” ” we want you to know dad that all we ever wanted was the one thing you’ve been hiding from even yourself!”” “what ky” “”” your heart dad you put up this beautiful door and decor, but you have never opened this door, we know you love us dad but just because your not using drugs, bringing these barflys home, ( ect) we have been feeling these affects all these years.. waiting will this be the weekend we meet our father..??, dad remember what I’m saying and take our advice , ( my eyes begin to water as my 13 year old daughter Is about to kick this 20 year door in with advice. I know will be true, and there’s know where to run,know drugs, i’m scared more scared then i ever felt in my entire life. I’,m about to break down when she opens this door.” but she is very smart for picking this oppertunity, I say to my self”.) “”” dad when you go before the judge promise me right here right now, you’ll do one thing??” “” anything ky!” open up dad admitt your wrong, speak to the judge from your heart. dad you gotta let this life style go, the druge ,the woman you run around with even your friends dad. you gotta let all this go, and dad it’ll only work if it comes from you. from your heart. “putting hand on the glass as the tears began to rain down, I lovvvvv yoooo studdering I turned to the door knocking for the co, seconds after hitting the hall way I was crying harder then I ever knew was possible, how could I have been so naive, sobbing uncontrollabley , the co ask me but I can’t even talk he takes me to medical briefly where I catch my breath, and briefly studdered out the situation, explaining I’ll be all right just wanna get to my cell. when in my cell I’m face with lots of choices 1st accept the truth that my 13 year old daughter just broke me down. or slam the door that had been closed all them years, as I pondered this for 3 days I didn’t eat didn’t leave my cell, didn’t sleep, and the tears never stopped falling.. I made a choice that for ever changed the course of my life, I took my girls advice I manned up swallowed the shallow bit of pride I thought was pride and replaced it with love and forgiveness, when the judged asked me did I have anything to say I was planing on rocking her world, “Mr osco you have anything to say before I sentence you?”” yes! “” I wanna thank my two girls for the best piece of advice I’ve ever received , your honor you can,t sentence me to the max sentence in my crime !!!!””. “oh yes I could Mr osco”!!!! “” no your honor ,the max sentence in my crime was to be shot dead had Mr or mrs Boyles came home found me in their house, to think your gonna sentence me to prison , is nothing shy of a blessing I’m thankful to be alive your honor!!” Mr osco in all my time know one ever! ever!! said anything like that. I want you to know I was planning on sentencing you to 6 on each charge to run consecutively but given what you just said , 7 years to run con current. I was speachless my two daughters had given me the final key the thing I needed to push forward in life. and my first time I didn’t hold back and it saved me 5 years. what I felt in that court room that day was love real love agape kind of love my girls weathered that storm and they didn’t, complain, they were to busy dancing in the rain, cause I was sure trying to weather the storm out. ( I,m so very proud of the two young woman /mothers they’ve become. I love ya shy I love you ky love always dad.)
its important to know that my daughters 14-13 advocated my litigation, rehabilitation is created at sentencing, victims have people that help them advocate, the state provides this mostly to amplify the crime, defendant’s should have the option to talk out their crime and seek advice on the best road to rehabilitation, during P.S.I, this should be asked or opted for if they wish to pay for it.. this also would weed out the ones that aren’t serious about rehabilitation, cause I would of paid any price, If someone would have said kody you cut your leg off above the knee I would of asked them for a butter knife.. to use the short cut sorry, in any situation is only to avode speaking your wrongs alloud and asking forgivenes it’s a word I’ve learned to be created man as a short cut, its kinda like rehabilitation, it don’t exhist In prison it’s a word created by a politician, to suger coat society.

DOC #640807


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