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To Proceed :
Sincerity is the freeing of one’s intentions from all impurities in order to come nearer to God…

It is the intentions behind all acts of worship and obedience
to God are exclusively for His pleasure…

A servant can only free themselves from shaytan through sincere devotion, for God…

“O self be devout and you will be pure.”

When any worldly fortune, in which the self finds comfort and towards
which the heart inclines, intruders upon our worship, then it impairs the
purity of our efforts and ruins our sincerity…

People are preoccupied with their good fortune and immersed in their desire and appetite rarely are their actions or acts of worship free of
temporary objectives and desires of this kind…

For this reason it’s been said that whoever secures a single moment of pure devotion to God in their life will survive, for devotion is rare
and precious, and the cleansing of the heart of it’s impurities is
an exacting undertaking…

In fact, devotion is the purifying of the heart from all impurities,
whether few of many, so that the intention of drawing nearer to
God is freed from all other motives, except that of seeking His pleasure…

This can only come from a lover of God, who is so absorbed in
contemplation of the next world that there remains in their heart no
place for the love of this world…

Such a person must be devout and pure within their actions, even in
eating, drinking and answering the call of nature…

All acts should start with ~ In the name of God, then your
intentions….THE END….

And my you all not just eat a good meal on this Thanksgiving,
but to also truly know and understand the sound reasons that you
are thankful for…

And as I always say people please do what you can for another
in need…

Plus that makes you down with the good looking out policy..

Oh I already know its hater out there in the world just as
some reside here also…

Just keep smiling and always let the haters be your motivator…


DOC #288318

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